Why Recycle Your Old Computer?

Why Recycle Your Old Computer?

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New computer models are coming out quicker than most of us can keep up with. The temptation to upgrade is constant. When you finally do, you’re left with a functional but somewhat obsolete piece of technology. So what do you do with it? While it is tempting to toss it in the garbage, there are some great reasons to recycle your old computer!

It Benefits the Environment

When you choose to recycle your computer, you do the Earth a favor by sparing it from the toxic waste inside many electronics. This includes arsenic, lead, and cadmium. If these chemicals were to get into the landfill and contaminate the surrounding area, it would negatively impact local ecosystems.

By recycling, you allow those materials to be repurposed for new electronics, or at least disposed of in a safe manner. For example, the plastic and glass can be re-used for new computers.

Charities Can Use It

When you recycle, you also leave open the possibility that your old device might be repurposed. Old technology can be refurbished and distributed to charitable causes in your community. This includes schools or low-income families, for example, who otherwise might not have access to a computer.

Protect Your Personal Information

By choosing to recycle, you also eliminate any risk of your personal information getting out. Many recycling centers offer data-wiping services to make sure none of your important information gets into the wrong hands. If your recycling center doesn’t offer this, make sure you find a program to completely clean your hard drive before recycling.

Recycling is usually a better option than the landfill for many products, and the same is true for computers. When you recycle your computer, you are doing the environment, your community, and yourself a huge favor!

Scrap Metal Recycling in Frederick, MD

At Reliable Recycling, we are committed to protecting the environment. We help the Frederick, Maryland, community through ethical and courteous recycling of scrap metals and clean cardboard. Contact us today for current pricing or to bring us your scrap metal!

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