These are indications only and are subject to change at any time due to market volatility.


 Bare Bright Wire (stripped/shiny)  $3.10
 #1 Tubing (clean tube/ clean fine wire)  $3.00
 #2 Tubing (paint/solder/burnt wire)  $2.85
 Tin Plated (wire/bus)  $2.85
 Enamel Coated (wire/bus)  $2.85
 Light Copper (used roofing/pots)  $2.50
 Clean Aluminum/Copper AC Coils (free of steel)  $1.60
 Irony Aluminum /Copper AC Coils (just steel edges)  $1.35

Insulated Copper

 Heavy Ins. (350-500 mcm THHN 85%+)  $2.50
 #1 Insulated (10-12 THHN 80%+)  $2.30
 Romex 65% (underground less)  $1.80
 Communication 50% (no aluminum/no tin plate/no spline)  $1.20
 Clean Extension Cord 35% (no plugs/no tin)  $0.70
 Low Yield 35% (tin plate/aluminum shield)  $0.65
 Low yield less than 35% (Christmas lights/ribbon wire)  $0.20
 Insulated Heliax (all copper/hollow center)  $1.30
 Aluminum MC (containing copper wire)  $1.00
 Steel BX (with copper/ no lead shield)  $0.25


 Yellow Brass (clean)  $2.00
 Irony Brass (contamination, handles, graded upon inspect.)  varies
 Red Brass (determined upon inspection)  $2.00
 Clean Auto Radiators (copper and brass combined)  $1.50
 Dirty Truck Radiators (copper and brass combined)  varies
 Radiator Cores (mostly brass and solder)  $1.20

Stainless Steel (non magnetic)

 304 Prepared (4 ft. or smaller and clean)  $0.30
 304 Unprepared (larger than 4 ft./3% contamination)  $0.30
 316 stainless (4 ft. or smaller and clean)  $0.40


 Alloy Wheels (tire completely removed/no chrome or plastic)  $0.70
 Extruded Aluminum (free of plastic/other metals)  $0.60
 E.C. Wire (free of insulation and steel)  $0.60
 Litho Plate (clean)  $0.60
 MLC/New Clips (no paint or other contamination)  $0.50
 Aluminum Siding (no backing/steel nails/plastic film)  $0.50
 Contractor Siding (Clean)  $0.53
 Mixed Aluminum/Old Sheet (1% contamination)  $0.40
 Clean Aluminum Radiators (No tanks)  $0.40
 Dirty Aluminum Radiators (With tanks)  $0.15
 Cast Aluminum (1% contamination)  $0.40
 Aluminum Cans (under 100 lbs. No Pet Food or Foil)  $0.50
 Aluminum Cans (over 100 lbs. No Pet Food or Foil)  $0.53
 Insulated E.C. (can vary based on contamination)  $0.35
 Irony Aluminum  varies
 Pet Food Cans (No Foil)  $0.17


 Soft Lead (clean and malleable)  $0.40
 Wheel Weights (unsorted)  $0.10
 Wheel Weights (sorted)  $0.15
 Auto/Industrial Lead Acid Batteries  $0.12
 Steel Cased Forklift  $0.10

CBM (copper bearing material)

 Small Electric Motors (basketball or smaller)  $0.20
 Large Electric Motors (cast iron case/larger than b-ball)  $0.15
 Light Ballasts (marked no pcb/no fluorescent type or UV)  $0.10
 Sealed Units (oil must be drained)  $0.15


 Farm Machinery/ Forklifts and Equipment  $0.05
 Shredder/Unprepared Plate & Structural  $0.08
 Vehicles (must have title)  $0.08
 Cast Iron  $0.10
 Prepared #1 (5’x2’x2’max and 1/4″ min. thickness)  $0.10
 Clean Cast Rotors  $0.10
I found the staff pleasant and helpful, each time I went with my refuse. I separate my materials and don’t expect anyone to do it for me; this way I know what I am getting. I found their prices competitive and it is convenient that they are open six days a week. There is something to say about a multi-generational family-owned and operated business. They have made a commitment to their community and are stakeholders in the city and state. They are not fly-by night. Reliable has my business every time I am in need of their services.
JohnFrederick, Maryland